Martin Creed – Retrospective, Hayward Gallery

Not an artist – declares Creed Sign of MOTHERS circling above my head in a large hall. I rest on the sofa. Metronomes all along the floor. Ticking.   MOTHERS above my head.   Heavy still, Still Mothers, well lit, turning around, circling.    The heavy pole holding the huge sign – MOTHERS – is […]

Comfort Zone, Stomp!

In the year 2005 I was free listener at Tal Ben Shachar‘s packed classes at the Harvard University.  One of the excellently conducted lessons at the Positive Psychology course was Comfort Zone. I didn’t know Tal, nor had I had the faintest idea about the amount of students that were going to listen to him, […]

Paintings that are “self-contained”

There is this style of painting that I name “self-contained”. It includes paintings in which you encounter no struggle, no hesitation by the artist. Those are paintings created by artists who paint in the same manner for years, without challenging themselves, as if a challenge, a risk, could threaten their success as artists.  I have […]