Quick painting? Just a layer of paint!

I don’t believe in paintings done too quickly. I just don’t trust them. A painting must be a result of a long, hard and challenging process. Otherwise, they are nothing but a first layer of paint. A good painting will cause a “good” tension in my body, mainly in the stomach or chest. A good painting will take me to a place where time does not exist. Those are the paintings that I trust. That I can rely on. My paintings are built one on top of the other, on one canvas. None of them could have started with the final layer. All layers are needed, they can be seen in the final work. Either I expose them with a knife, or they add body to the paint. This is a journey. A struggle. Remember the aches I mentioned earlier? They are real. They must be real, because I need them. They guarantee that I am in the right place, in the exact tension and concentration needed to produce a work of art.

If ever an exception to  this rule turns up, I know that the next day in the studio will make me see things right.  All “fast paintings” are worked over. No shortcuts to a good work.